Over thirty years of on-going practice in the area guarantee our experience in all manner of legal conflicts in the civil and commercial areas, and in the administrative appeal jurisdiction, advising and representing both companies and individuals, in Spain and abroad, in all instances, and in relation to the adoption of precautionary measures.

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With regard to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), we participate in all types of arbitration procedures, both as arbitrators and as advisers to any of the parties in the disputes. We also advise clients in mediation procedures. Our office also has two mediators with international training, and collaborates with various Master’s Degree programmes for the training of mediators.

Liability procedures: Civil liability legal procedures in general. We are specialists in civil health care and construction liability.

Corporate conflicts: Conflicts between shareholders; execution of side agreements, liability procedures against directors, challenge of corporate resolutions and decisions of the Board of Directors.

Civil and commercial disputes: Urban leases and condominium property, general recruitment conditions, ownership, possession, transfer and administration of property. Claims of amount. Disputes regarding unfair competition, breach of industrial and intellectual property and claims for damages.

Disputed taxation: Advisory services in all manner of procedures, appeals or lawsuits in which taxpayers may be involved with the Spanish tax authorities. Legal advisory services and legal management in administrative appeals, economic and administrative claims and administrative appeals before the courts and tribunals. 

Arbitration: We conduct ad hoc and institutional arbitration proceedings. Defence in legal proceedings related with arbitration: procedures prior and subsequent to arbitration in matters such as arbitration agreements, the execution and cancellation of the award or requests for interim measures. Furthermore, we defend our customers in all manner of legal procedures related to arbitration.

Succession planning: Plan succession through wills, ensure compliance with the client’s will, avoid disputes between family members and guarantee the widowed spouse’s rights.